Shiparrested Iphone APP

The App devoted to ship arrest / release

Shipping is a litigious industry. The App of guides you into all options to secure your claim or interest by a 
well-informed system aimed at facilitating the steps to your ship arrest / release worldwide.
The ShipArrested App enables readers to access all the necessary information to handle easily a 
ship arrest anywhere on the globe. The ShipArrested network is based on lawyers well known within the community to understand 
the commercial realities of the ship arrest business.


  • - free updated information on arrest practices

  • - a comprehensive and practical survey of the law relating 
to ship arrests/releases in more than 60 countries

- a fast searching capabilities by either country or 
port selection to contact with our experts

  • - “Wanted ships” traced for their arrests

- extras information on conferences, publications…

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